Quadruple HeLiX

Mobilizing all talents in the region

Re-invent the Economy

To mobilize all Talents and Assets in the Region

In the Quadruple HeLiX, we include Regions, Individuals, Employers and, Education. We improve the quality and the speed of decision-making on labour-related policies with the goal to mobilize all talents and assets in every participating region. QHLX is an initiative of SMRT.bio.

QHLX Summit

Building a vibrant region

During QHLX Summit, we announce the winners of the QHLX Awards, we present the QHLX Index and share the update on our Research projects. 

QHLX Awards

We award the best showcases

Every year, we award the best showcases on Quadruple HeLiX projects, globally.

QHLX Research

Smarter regions

QHLX invites all stakeholders in the Quadruple HeLiX to be involved in our Research activities. Join our research and get smarter!

QHLX Chair

Global practise development

QHLX is in the process to put a QHLX Chair in place to manage practices to implement the Social Architecture within regions, globally.