Big Data Analysis

Smart questions

We update the data analysis tool CockpitWork regularly to help decision-makers digest large microdata to improve their decision-making process. Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, VR and AR interfaces.


Partners:, Ignitianum University, InnovationLabs.Berlin, NHL Stenden University, European Center for Women in Technology.


More information: If you would be interested in the results of our research or want to join our projects, please contact QHLX. 

QHLX Index

Ranking regions

Yearly, QHLX ranks the regions on the QHLX Index. This index indicates the level of cooperation amongst the stakeholders in the Quadruple HeLiX and their performance to mobilize all talents and assets within the region.


Partners: Durban, Institute for Futures Research / Stellenbosch University, InnovationLabs.Berlin, Krakow,


More information: In case you would be interested in the Research or you want to join the project, please contact QHLX.