QHLX Chair

Building Global Practices to implement the Social Architecture based on evidence-based research

The QHLX Chair is hosted at the Institute for Futures Research at Stellenbosch University. QHLX Chair is looking for partnerships with other academic institutions to rapidly spread the findings from the implementations of the Social Architecture and the Big Data analysis that comes from these implementations. We have a focus on all four stakeholders (Region, Individual, Employer and Education). The QHLX Chair is responsible for running Research, celebrate the winners of the QHLX Awards; and, organizing the annual QHLX Summit.

Regional cooperation in Quadruple HeLiX

Re-invent the economy

We recognize four main stakeholders on the labour market: REGION (black), EMPLOYER (blue), INDIVIDUAL (green), and, EDUCATION (orange). We believe that technology should enable all stakeholders to take action themselves. We are convinced that a trusted community that can organize itself is able to ignite economic opportunities for the good of all.

Each point on the MetroMap generates specific information. We store that information in CockpitWork, our big data analysis tool. We comply with the GDPRregulations of the European Union. CockpitWork generates insights for all stakeholders to take action. Without action no result! More about our vision.